Embark Upon…

There have been some things going on in my life that I haven’t really touched on in my blog because I’ve been trying to catch up to myself. It seems hard to get caught up since life still keeps on going and all. What have I been keeping on the down low? Well, for starters I’m moving to New York City next week. Also known to some as “the center of the world”. I think it’d be interesting if people experienced New York at least once in their lives. Even just for visiting. Some people want to live there and experience being the hub of millions of things everyday. That’s where I’m at, for right now. It may not be easy, but that’s not what I want anyway. Easy is for when I’m bored.

Right now I’m enjoying the last bit of Florida by spending the weekend on the other coast. A place where I can actually catch the pink sun disappear over the water in a matter of seconds right before my eyes. A place where I can have the windows open at night and only hear the waves. Where I can have the eucalyptus steam room all to myself before I tuck into bed; Or I can run down to the lobby and make a s’more before I get some shut eye. Yeah, I’m just soaking it all up.

If I look away I might miss it.


Now for this post I’ve got a special treat for you. I think this post describes why I see cooking as an adventure. This was one of those afternoons where I just really wanted to make something special, and take my precious time.

Hunt and gather for the ingredients.

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