Checking In

Hello everyone! It’s been a hot minute or two, and since my last post I’ve moved to New York City. I haven’t talked much about why I decided to move here, but I thought I’d share a few things with you guys. This coming week the iPad magazine I’ve recently become Trend Editor for is launching next week! Jenesequa has a timeless approach to style and life, “chic, approachable, and always memorable.” Somehow that ‘je ne sais quo‘ gets defined with each article. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work with such a great team of people, and be a part of something up and coming! Keep this magazine on your radar, and watch for the launch of the iPad app coming out this month! And of course I’ll keep you all posted on here as well.

So that’s one of the reasons why it just made sense to move up here! I’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing with you as they progress. All exciting news!

Now what has this little bug been up to since arriving here? Connecting with friends, making new ones, walking a lot (I love it), looking for a paying job, and on the food front…

I picked up a local raw honey to help me combat a cold that I felt coming on.

Merrimack Valley Apiaries have farms in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and New York.

I eagerly broke the seal!
Breaking into it kind of reminded me of crème brûlée.
The taste and texture were wonderful… letting the crystals liquify in my mouth.

Delicious stirred into a cup of steamed milk.

Look who I was able to meet up with, and I’ve only been here for a little over a week!

Natalie and I met up at Union Square’s Greenmarket. As soon as we saw each other we exchanged hugs, and the evening of non-stop talking had commenced!

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