“A man’s capacity is the same as his breadth of vision”

In my last post I asked you all what foods tested your patience. It seems that pistachios, roasting, and pomegranates are at the top of the list! Such little buggers. Patience in a bigger picture, to me, is something that teaches a person that the universe is not at our beck and call. That sometimes we have to wait to get what we want, and sometimes it never comes at all. It’s an exercise for the ego.

Backtracking to when my parents visited in December, I thought I’d share some snapshots of my neighborhood.

Taking the pups out for a windy walk along the Hudson River
The other little buggers.

My parents came to visit during the end of the holiday season, and on Christmas Eve (it’s been awhile) I wanted to make something heartwarming. I had saved a recipe for “Fennel, Pepper, and Saffron Stew with Garlic Toast” awhile ago, and it seemed like the right occasion.

The fennel added this underlying sweetness to the soup.
It had me at Manchego cheese.

Manchego could be the name over a lover, don’t you think? Francisco Manchego De La Cruz.

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