It’s Been A Bien Longtemps

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been spending your days soaking up the last of summer. Even though I’m in South Florida, and the seasons here don’t really seem to change (aside from the frequency of tropical storms).

Now where were we? Ah yes, making a toast!

IMG_7926 copy

And now it’s time for a story.

This story goes back to May of this year, around the time of my birthday (announcing my birthday on the blog six-months later, I sure know how to make it last). Anyway, earlier this year my family had been prepping the house for our first simultaneous home exchange.

If you’ve seen the movie “The Holiday” then you may recall the two main characters switching their homes for a vacation away from their reality—or maybe you recall the love affairs that happened for each of the leading ladies with British heartthrob, Jude Law, and charming funny man, Jack Black? Imagine something like that could happen to you. Minus the fiasco that is pretty much what a home exchange is, although the love affair part is entirely up to you!


With that being said, an adventure awaits…

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Pass Me The Wine

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The other day I was thinking to myself about friends, and for some reason the thought of wine came up. I started thinking of how our good friends–the kind that last–are like a glass of wine that is enjoyed slowly. There are those who are more like a tasting, just a swish in the mouth. Some inspire you to cease the day,  to make the most of this finite life–a toast to carpe diem! Whatever the case, each bottle has a story to tell. Its history written in the way the flavor bounces off and lingers on your tongue.

IMG_7926 copy

A flashback to my trip to Vienna back in May of this year.

IMG_7927 copy

Supposedly Austrian wines are the wine world’s best-kept secret.

IMG_7929 copy

I’ll drink to that!

Stay tuned for the full recap of my exciting trip full of culture, history, friendship and of course food! I’ll also be sharing about the neat experience I had doing a simultaneous home exchange with a family from Vienna.

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Necesito del mar porque me enseña

I hope all of you living in the United States are enjoying the Labor Day Weekend so far!


I’ve found myself on the Gulf Coast of Florida again! I always love visiting this place. Time goes by a lot slower here. Really the passing of time is relative, but it’s nice to make a point to watch the sunrise or the sunset over the ocean. If you’re in Florida, in one day you can do both!

The summer the ocean made sense of my life.

In the meantime, I will leave you all with a little taste of one of the projects I’m working on… hint, hint: it’s related to a cookbook!


Coconut Cashew with Spiced Ginger Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This goodness can also be shared with my vegan friends! Heck, even the raw and gluten-free ones too!

IMG_7714 copy

Cheers to you, my friend!

In other news…

Summer Beauty Foods_cover30

I’m having a special till Monday for my “Summer Beauty Foods” book for 30% off!

This is a compilation of seasonal recipes and fun food facts written and created by me. These nourishing recipes and reports have been featured on Dr. Perricone’s site, the Father of the Inflammation Theory. These delicious, anti-inflammatory recipes will help you on the path to a healthier and more radiant you!

Click here to get your copy!

Until next time, ciao!

“There is nothing you can see that is not a flower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon.”

Welcome to funky town!

Welcome to funky town!

That’s exactly what this post is filled with! First off, I’m going to start by sharing my recipe for “greenola”. For what?? It’s a grain-free take on granola that replaces them with kale, but adds a whole other level of goodness  that is totally unique and tasty. FYI: you might eat a whole batch in one day, but you’re more than welcome to share and surprise others with this recipe.


The recipe can be found in Behind Foods‘ latest newsletter right over here, which you can also subscribe to by clicking here. It’s a friendly newsletter where you can find exclusive tips, recipes and some other discoveries along the way by yours truly!

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You’re a golden nugget, remember that!

This past week we experienced another full moon, and I know some of you wolves howled through the night!

moon run

I’ve been starting out my days by running. The day after the full moon rose I was up out early enough to catch it setting while the sun was rising on the other side.

With the coming of a new moon comes a new recipe…

IMG_7676 copy


Makes about 14

These treats are light, refreshing and delightful enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but you wouldn’t guess they’re sugar-free.

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Sending out my S.O.S.


Hi everyone!

It’s been a hop and a skip since I last wrote on here, but that’s not say that I haven’t thought about this space frequently… almost daily to be honest. Originally I planned on doing a series on adrenal health, and how I’ve been recovering from fatigue. Well, a lot has happened since then and I think that simply weaving my insights into spontaneous posts will be more effective, for me and for you!!! After all, that’s the spirit of this adventurous blog!

But first thing’s first… I think I owe you guys a recipe! Get excited because I have lots of them to share, and they’re all tasty and vibrant. The kind of recipes that look good and are equally, if not more, delicious!

simple nori wrap with logo_s

FYI: that’s a tub of wheat grass to the right, not photoshopped in!

Inspired by Kasia Hrecka at Nourish Up, this recipe makes an easy snack/mini-meal, and its bold flavors will leave you considering making another one right away! When I first made this I had it as part of my lunch for a week straight.


  1. First take out a nori sheet (can be found at Asian markets and most health food stores), and wash and rinse either two large romaine leaves or about 4 small ones. That’s your first layer.
  2. Next up you can choose to layer on a leftover salad… I make this specialty cilantro-garlic sauce that is so delicious in this wrap. Think complementary.
  3. Now it’s time for the kimchi!!! Don’t have kimchi? Never tried kimchi? Well, this is a MUST for these wraps, so get your hands on some. This can also be found at Asian markets, health food stores, and some regular super markets (always feel free to ask about items if they don’t carry them). Layer on about 1/4 cup, more or less (but use a clean, non-silver utensil to keep the beneficial bacterias intact).
  4. Layer on the hummus… I like to use globs of it. This time I used a red-pepper hummus, but garlic hummus is also a favorite.
  5. Sprinkle on some cooked mung beans. Another tasty addition is avocado–seals the deal!
Until next time

Opening the vault!

I’ve also got some exciting things going on in my personal and professional life that I want to share with you all, and I will. I just need to release this post first… like a message in a bottle.

 Are you more of a planner, go with the flow, or somewhere in between? Perhaps on another river?

It looks I’ve got some surprises in store for you my pretties! Please let me know if you’re still listening, I’d love to hear from you all. As always, you can email me if you ever have any questions, or just ask them on here:

By the way, if you have Instagram, follow me on there @mixoparthenos … just in case you’re wondering if I’m alive–I’m alive and well!

Part 1: Trust the Process

Photo from my trip to Northern California last November.

Photo from my trip to Northern California last November

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share first in my series, but as I started thinking over all the possibilities I realized that I could share some insights that everyone can relate to… and a topic that has come up frequently in my conversations: our instincts, those physical impulses we have including that “gut feeling”. I believe there are cues that we, as civilized and modern people, have learned to subdue. They’re still there, but our rational thinking tunes them out. I find that as the demands of the modern day increase, people are building up more and more pressure, more and more rules… to survive. People are told that if they can’t handle it, then they must live in the misery of non-stop stress. Yes, there are moments when we thrive off stress, like when we take a risk. That’s when our adrenaline kicks in. However, if adrenaline is constantly being surged through your body, eventually this chemical becomes depleted. Some people can take it longer than others, but we are all human and no one is invincible. Eventually the price of long-term stress is payed.

That's when immune  boosting foods and habits come to the rescue!

That’s when immune boosting foods and habits come to the rescue!

hand graceIt’s funny though… people living in modern societies are constantly in an effort to prolong life, lose weight, be super healthy! The information is very interesting, but I think many wisdoms can be learned if we just slow down and reconnect. Reconnect to the rhythms and cycles of life that echo through everything in the world around us. The more pressure we build up, the more complicated our situation becomes to get out of. Personally, I’m a “respond to warning signs/flashing sirens” kind of person because deep inside I don’t want to explode. I’ve heard some say “well, I’m so far gone and I simply can’t step out of the life I’m living.” Try taking a step back into reality and living it. That is… to be present. That’s why I decided to become a holistic health coach: so that I can support people to feel whole again, to reignite their human potential by making changes that benefit them in a profound way. Having battled my personal demons through adopting sound behaviors and thoughts, eventually growing to a point where I got back in touch with my essential self, I believe that every person has the ability to do this.

tight rope hand

I often feel like I was given a map when I was born, and I’m–for the most part–following it. My mother would tell me that I was born with a star… whatever it is, I know that I’m making my way towards something–like a monarch butterfly migrating back to where it came from. Sometimes I want to take a shortcut, and there have been times when I didn’t want to go on with the journey. Sometimes I wanted to call it quits and say “game over.” That’s what I find so interesting about the human experience: most of us have some guiding force–something that moves us to keep living. I just hope that people don’t get so overwhelmed with the modern world, that they shut off and become the living dead.

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Preface: Practice Daily Face Lifts

craneAnd I’m back–with a message from the kingdom aka yours truly! As I was writing this post I realized that acts as a preface of my recent journey: regaining myself including my health. Since I started this blog I’ve been told by readers that it has inspired them to honor and learn about themselves, and I hope this blog continues to do that. I think it’s incredible that by sincerely expressing my own experiences and thoughts I can support someone. Even through a basic connection… knowing that we’re all in this together. Funny how we can get so internalized that we forget to simply look out, which heals us in some way.

french classes

While I was in New York my body decided to shine a light for me. Actually, it was more of a blaring siren! It had seemed like all of a sudden I was a stranger in my own body. I would break out in uncomfortable rashes on my face. I was exhausted yet had a hard time sleeping, and the texture of my hair had changed. Not to mention, I had gone up 20 lbs. in 4 months, and a few more things were on my list of “noticeable changes”. An ominous dark gray cloud was hovering over my emotions. I started to think of myself as a curious case… a freak. Why? The first thing I thought was perhaps it is the food I’m eating. But it seemed that no matter what, my symptoms continued to escalate. How much hot air could my balloon take?

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Here’s To Our Well-Being

Lately I ‘ve been reflecting on various things in my life, almost as if I’m finally realizing everything that’s been going on over the past half year. That could also be because the calendar year is ending. Either way, I’ll be going to Florida this week for a bit (but not disappearing) and I’m taking it as time to work on balancing myself as I decided to go off the pill again, and to spend the holidays with my family of course! This time, however, I’m going to incorporate holistic medicine into my life. After all, I am studying to be a holistic health coach! Last time I went off the pill I just went off without doing anything about my hormone levels. I think even just getting them tested would help guide me towards how I should approach my health. So far I’ve been incorporating gentle hatha yoga into my nightly routine to help lower my stress. Since I stopped the pill I’ve been feeling physical anxiety. I remember that happening last time, so I’m trying to manage that and think positive. Think positive.

The other night when I was meditating… laying on the hardwood floor with my eyes closed, emptying my mind, being in that exact moment… and when I disconnected from all the light-speed thoughts that go through my mind, my heart started to open up. I connected with a sense of freedom, potential, breathing out anything holding me back–the unforgiving thoughts that frequent my mind too often.

I came up with a simple pesto recipe awhile ago and it’s a refreshing one… much like my outlook on life right now. Being refreshed is empowering to me. It reminds me that I have the ability to change. With that here’s the recipe:

This particular pesto has parsley, which I’m learning to appreciate. I also used plenty of cracked black pepper and lemon zest.

Parsley, Lemon & Walnuts Pesto


  • 2 cups fresh Italian parsley (the flat-leaf kind)
  • 1 small garlic clove, chopped
  • 1/2 cup black-pepper walnuts, toasted
  • 2-3 tbl nutritional yeast
  • Grated zest of 1 lemon, plus 1-2 tbl fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4-1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. Pulse parsley, garlic, walnuts, nutritional yeast, zest and lemon juice in a food processor until coarsely chopped.
  2. Drizzle remaining olive oil and process until combined. Season with salt and pepper.

To be enjoyed with most things.

Along the lines of personal wellness, I think it’d be great to share this giveaway with you guys!

Robin McGraw, two-time #1 New York Times best-selling author, television personality, wellness enthusiast and wife of talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, has joined as their newest Insider.  Robin, a powerful advocate for healthy-living for women of all ages, is passionate about living a healthy balanced life full of family, friends, and new adventures.

And the timing to host this giveaway couldn’t be better.

Robin recently launched her healthy living shop on OpenSky offering new tools for health, wellness and beauty to help you live a radiant, meaningful life filled with the things you love and the necessary tools to take care of yourself.  Some of her must-haves include the Rescue Remedy Stress Relief by Bach and the Big Boss Juicer.

Now what’s the giveaway I’m talking about? OpenSky is offering one of my readers a $25 OpenSky credit to shop Robin’s collections.  Here’s a little info about OpenSky if you haven’t heard of it yet.

It is a social shopping site that helps people discover, buy and share unique goods that match their individual taste. Users can connect to friends and industry insiders in Food, Style, Beauty, Healthy Living, Electronics and Home Décor for exclusive information, advice and insider product recommendations.  Insiders include Robin McGraw, Bobby Flay, Molly Sims, Tracy Anderson and Bethenny Frankel.

So they cater to all sorts of interests! Wondering how can you enter?

  1. Well first off, join OpenSky! This is so they can place a credit into the selected winner’s account + the curated shop concept is neat!
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Also, there is another way to get more than one chance in the drawing hat!

Bonus: tweet “Check out @opensky healthy living giveaway on @BehindFoods blog“, and be sure to share it on here so it gets counted by the random selector.

The contest ends Monday Dec. 17, 2012 so make sure to enter before then.

Best of luck!I’m excited to be sharing this giveaway!

Awareness And Making Connections

Hello, hello! Last week I was in the San Francisco area (for my family’s first home exchange experience) enjoying every bit of its majestic beauty. It made me think of things that demand our attention. I found myself being very present when I was out in Northern California… all of us being pulled away from our devices and not wanting to miss a single piece of it. Being present around untouched nature is not hard to do, but when I’m back in a busy city like New York I feel like I’m making a point not to be staring down at a phone. Should I move to the side for the person too busy texting so they continue not watching their step? Sometimes I’m tempted to just stop in front of a person.

Do you guys find yourself tapping into thoughtless awareness?

I find it difficult to not give my attention to the now, including the details. I know that reflects in my taste and how that is guided by how my body responds to things. Recently, I’ve been noticing how flavors nourish my body. For instance, I found that lots of sugary things keep me in a place where I don’t feel as motivated or dedicated to something, and it’s a difficult habit to break. It’s like a lazy comfort for me. Earthier flavors really heighten my focus, and sour refreshes me. Or for instance… if I have dried fruit I balance the very sweet flavor with a dense nut, or else my thought goes on auto-pilot and I start to get mindless. I’ve also found that I’ve developed a heightened sensor for specific additives, in turn giving my body the chance to communicate clearly. I’m curious to know… what are some things you’ve recently discovered about yourself?

Right now it’s snowing, and this post is going back to the very end of summer in Florida.

1) I packed fresh figs, a salad and smoked salmon for the airplane ride… ended up having it as brunch because of a delay; 2) Beach front apartment in South Beach; 3) Driving over McArthur Causeway at sunset; 4) Having traditional Cuban desserts in the heart of Little Havana; 5) Bird watching in my parents’ back yard; 6) Dinner consisted of summer fruits for one last hurrah!

My parents befriended one of our future home exchangers from Bordeaux, and they’ve been having dinner parties together…

So while I was there we thought it would be nice to invite them over for dinner.

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