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Hello everyone! It’s been a hot minute or two, and since my last post I’ve moved to New York City. I haven’t talked much about why I decided to move here, but I thought I’d share a few things with you guys. This coming week the iPad magazine I’ve recently become Trend Editor for is launching next week! Jenesequa has a timeless approach to style and life, “chic, approachable, and always memorable.” Somehow that ‘je ne sais quo‘ gets defined with each article. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work with such a great team of people, and be a part of something up and coming! Keep this magazine on your radar, and watch for the launch of the iPad app coming out this month! And of course I’ll keep you all posted on here as well.

So that’s one of the reasons why it just made sense to move up here! I’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing with you as they progress. All exciting news!

Now what has this little bug been up to since arriving here? Connecting with friends, making new ones, walking a lot (I love it), looking for a paying job, and on the food front…

I picked up a local raw honey to help me combat a cold that I felt coming on.

Merrimack Valley Apiaries have farms in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and New York.

I eagerly broke the seal!
Breaking into it kind of reminded me of crème brûlée.
The taste and texture were wonderful… letting the crystals liquify in my mouth.

Delicious stirred into a cup of steamed milk.

Look who I was able to meet up with, and I’ve only been here for a little over a week!

Natalie and I met up at Union Square’s Greenmarket. As soon as we saw each other we exchanged hugs, and the evening of non-stop talking had commenced!

I picked up a huge bunch of kale at the market… it was bursting out of the grocery bag!

Thank you, sir.

All sorts of radishes.
Incredibly aromatic herbs.

I’m so happy to be living somewhere that offers a farmer’s market almost daily. Farmer’s markets are a great way to get to know your neighborhood. You get to see what’s in season, help a neighbor out, try out new foods, and meet people. It’s full of sharing!

Later on we went to Candle Cafe for dinner.

I had been wanting to go here for awhile, and I was glad to share a wonderful meal experience with one of my kindred spirits. It took me awhile to decide on what I wanted… everything looked so good! I hungrily looked at the tables around me, and smelled incredible food. Finally we placed our orders, and our food came out quickly.

I ordered the ‘Paradise Casserole’.

Layers of sweet potato, black beans and millet over steamed greens with country gravy.

Natalie went for the ‘Aztec Salad’–“Bi-color quinoa, black beans, red onion and corn, topped with spiced pumpkin seeds and barbequed grilled tempeh. Served over mixed field greens with toasted cumin vinaigrette,” with a side of avocado. Naturally, we tried each others’ food. We actually ended up ordering each others’ second choices, but honestly everything looked so good! This is definitely a place I’m going to keep coming back to.

If you don’t read Natalie’s blog already then check it out! She writes from the heart, is endlessly awesome, and eats beautiful and yummy food. I knew that she was the kind of person I could go on many adventures with. So, Natalie, when you move here you better believe we’re going to be a galavanting team.

Since moving here I’ve been making things more for being on-the-go

Trail mixes are wonderful for the busy lifestyle… or anytime rather! For this one I just used a mix of nuts and seeds, goji berries, raisins, dried apples, and unsweetened banana chips (great for a crispy texture).

I was lucky to have some on-the-go treats sent to me by Suzanne over at Lollihop. Suzanne and a friend recently started this company, which is on a mission to introduce people to healthy snacks. They’re motto is, “Eat well. Live Better.” After exchanging e-mails with Suzanne I really got a sense of the kind and thoughtful energy that exists behind Lollihop.

Every month they send you a box bursting with goodies!

Some of the things I never even heard of, and some I had been wanting to try. Overall, everything passed my taste test!

And they include a little card describing the package you receive.

So what is Lollihop exactly? They send out curated monthly packages of yummy snacks, and it’s great because you can subscribe for these shipments! So every month you get a package full of tasty surprises. Right now if you sign up for their subscriptions here you can use the referral code: Katharina-foodadventures, to let them know I sent you!

So all in all, things have been great up here. I want to write a post sharing my thoughts on moving to a city like New York, and how I’ve been staying motivated and focused. Now I just need to find a paying job so I can move into a place and be reunited with my little pup. Then I’ll be the happiest little lady ever!

I miss those little puppy paws.

17 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. yay! any chance the app is available on the iPhone? cannot wait to hear more news. holy crap! you’re gonna have kale for 2 wks haha that’s so much!! ooooh puppy paws! i havent’ had a pet since i moved away years ago 🙁 a part of me wants a pet but i can’t bear the thought of leaving them alone all day since both nate and i work full time ;/ maybe someday!

  2. Hey Katharina, welcome to NYC!
    I think you made a great decision and have a great time ahead of you. In what neighborhood do you live? Maybe I can give you some tips. I am only a half resident so to speak ( I am actually German but constantly going back and forth between Cologne and NYC since 3 years) but i know the city pretty well.
    Have fun exploring!


  3. Wow!! You mooved to NYC! I can’t wait to hear about it once you are ready to share it with us!!! Aww it must be hard being away from the puppy 🙁 Sounds like you have exciting things going on though. Wishing you the best!!! XO

  4. Cute little doggy feet.That honey looks delicious! Does it look that way because they left some remnants of the wax in it? Funny you mentioned a cold,I”m just getting over a mild flu.Whatever the hell that means?I can’t believe that is a sweet potato!SweetPotato.Because,it looked the same as salmon.I had to take a double take to see for sure if it was a 8 ounce grilled salmon steak.But,on further review it only takes on the appearance of salmon.But I bet up close the color of the sweetpotato,SweetPotato,is more vibrant.A trend editor AAAA sweet! You take NYC Kathrina, it’s yours!Best of luck. Now I’m hungry,again….

  5. Eeeeee, so excited for you!! Girl, this sounds absolutely awesome – moving to NYC, working for a fashion mag, nice neighborhood with farmer’s market…. Geez, hopefully Mathilda will join you soon, I can imagine how much you miss her!!

    Hugging you und einen dicken Kuss aus Berlin <3
    xoxo Mel

  6. Congrats on your new job and move to NYC! Transitions can be overwhelming but also super exciting and full of possibilities…what a fun time in your life! Can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures.

  7. Ah that job sounds so cool!!! Wishing you the best of luck with it all love! 🙂 Love the candle cafe as well!! My boyfriend, not so much! (He needs to feel like at least there is meat available if he wants it! Working on him! Haha!) I wrote a post a while ago about my trip to NYC so if you need any food recommendations (as all we did was eat!) then have a read!

    Scroll to the bottom and theres a couple of posts…
    Can’t wait to read all about your new job!! 🙂

  8. oo baby, so many good things about this post!! that raw honey. meeting YOU. our dinner. all your exciting new horizons and opportunities in new york. i am seriously so so thrilled for you. and am excited to be a part of your life =) xoxox

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