Drum Roll Please

My oh my! Things have been pretty busy for me lately, and all I want to do is take a nap. Just one, please. I actually fell asleep in class the other day while we were sitting at the conference table. Oops! Atleast I had my head up, right? Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, and I finally got around to making one… a review page! You can check it out at the top of my blog or just click here. I have a couple of exciting new ones I’ll be sharing with you all soon!

Now what has this busy lady been up to in the kitchen?

Chickpea burger served in a pita bread.

To go with the chickpea burger I stuffed the pita bread with baby spinach, avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion jam, and BBQ sauce.

Nom nom nom!

I like to make batches of things that are easy to take with me, and that are tasty as well! Whether it’s vegetarian burgers, noodle dishes, or pasta bakes. CHOW is a great site to find recipes. I know some of you have asked some of my favorite places to get recipes, and that is one of them. Epicurious, The Post Punk KitchenVegWeb, and of course fellow bloggers have great recipes up their sleeves as well. Most of the time I’ll look up a single ingredient and I’ll stumble upon great recipes that way. Anyone have any favorite recipes for when you’re on-the-go you’d like to share?

Oh and that onion jam I mentioned above?

I finally got around to making some! Not quite as “jammy”, but it sure adds lots of a flavor! Onion jam is a must-have condiment if you like sandwiches. It makes things extra-special.

Banana-Cashew Balls

I saw this recipe on Susan’s blog, and I must say that these were mighty tasty!

I liked how these tasted different from the usual “ball” recipes out there.

The banana pulp gave so much flavor, and the oats made it this taste so comforting. I felt like I was eating yummy baby food. Just give me a blankie and a bottle, and I’d be good to go… take a nap.

Vegan Fudge Love

When Katie shared her tasty recipe for chocolate fudge I knew I had to make it! Each ingredient is something I would eat on its own, or mixed with something else (cocoa powder and cinnamon alone… no thank you). Since I didn’t have coconut butter on hand I just made some. All of the flavors were able to shine through, so if you like the ingredients then go ahead and try to make it. Just the thought of making my own fudge made me happy. The flavor possibilities are endless, and Katie knows that too!

Speaking of love… on Valentine’s Day I woke up to this sweet gift my roommate left for me.

Later that day we planned to have a Valentine’s Day dinner date.

I thought that would be a nice time to try out Buitoni’s Pasta Riserva.

As part of the Tastemaker’s Program I was given the chance, through Foodbuzz and Buitoni, to try out Buitoni’s Riserva line. The wild mushroom agnolotti ravioli sounded like something I’d really enjoy. Stuffed pastas are my favorite!

Dinner is served!

To go with the ravioli I made Giada’s balsamic brown butter sauce, and served it with sautéed peas, lacinto kale, toasted walnuts, and grated blend of three cheeses.

My lovely date.
Why hello there!
Emily’s father has a vineyard and started bottling his own wine–cheers to scuppernongs!
Mmm ravioli!

The raviolis were huge, and actually quite flavorful. I wanted to keep the accompanying sauce simple so I could really get a taste of what I was eating. It was simple, but I think it complimented the pasta very well. It was earthy, but didn’t taste like dirt! Something my teeth could sink into, and that I could chew on forever. Emily agreed! Verdict? Delicious! Now how’s that for fast, convenient, and tasty ?

During the few days of warm weather I had tacos!

I filled them with black beans cooked with spices and onions, goat cheese, Trader Joe’s tomato-less salsa, avocado slices, lettuce, and lime juice. Warm weather… please stay! I love soups and all, but lately I’ve been craving lots of fresh foods like salads, juicy peaches, and cold sandwiches.

A flavor of Kombucha I hadn’t tried before.

Notice the 99-cent price tag. My parents live near a discount health-food store, and they brought up a bottle for me when they came to visit. If only there were more discount health-food stores in the world… Sometimes it annoys me how organic or all-natural things can be overpriced. It’s funny because these things are just reverting to the good old-fashioned way of doing things.

Another refreshing meal enjoyed on an unusually warm day.

I’ve forgotten how wonderful pasta salads are. I used the rest of my box of mini farfalle to make Kristin’s farfalle with broccoli and feta. I threw in some cherry tomatoes for a burst of more flavor. Serving this with extra olive oil drizzled on top really does something wonderful to this dish. When does an extra drizzling not do that?

So now is the time to announce a couple of winners!

First up, the winner of the Farm Rich & Gardein vouchers + a special surprise giveaway is the very thoughtful Lindsay! And now the winner of the Three Sisters Cereal giveaway is… the lovely Eloise! Congratulations to the both of you! Just e-mail me your addresses and your prizes await you.

Much love to everyone!

15 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please

  1. I want that chickpea burger!! Love your nails too. And I’m looking up the recipe for those banana balls! I bet they’d be easy to make in my apartment! Your ravioli dish looks SO professional at first I thought it was from a restaurant. Love Giada!

  2. All the food looks amazing! Plus I love your nail polish.
    I completely agree about the health store prices. My mom lived on a farm where they had their own food growing, and she points out that she ate organic food when it wasn’t known as organic, but just as ‘food’.

  3. Hello my dear girl!!!! I’ve been thinking about you and so happy to see you’re doing well and enjoying the warm sunshine. I just love that you and your roomate had a special Vday dinner! 🙂 And dinner looks incredible. I love ravioli and I have always wanted to make a brown butter sauce, but for some reason, it scares me because I’m afraid I would burn the butter rather than brown it, lol. I love that flavor of Kombucha, it’s probably my favorite. And how cool that you got it for less than a dollar. I would have stocked up!!! Thanks for checking in.
    Happy Friday love!!!

  4. Ohmigosh! Your cake looks tres fab! No, quadruple fab (which doesn’t sound as fancy as “tres” but is much more appropriate for how fab it is hehe).

    I love all your photos, and of course your commentary. Do you ever have a dull moment? 😉

    Mucho, mucho love (and chocolate hugs) from Texas!

  5. I love how you got out the candles and wine for a fancy dinner. Looks like fun! I should get my friends do that some time. Oh man, I need those chickpea burgers and caramelized onions. As a student, I’m all for on-the-go recipes too. Have a good weekend!

  6. When I saw that 99 cent sticker on the Kombucha I had to do a double take! Oh man, I would LOVE to live next to a discount health food store! We have a discount food store around here and I’m always surprised to find some great organic goodies and flours and stuff, but I’ll find Kombucha there when pigs start flying 😛
    All of your food looks so delicious – I’ve got to try those banana cashew balls, and the stuffed pasta looks great, too 🙂
    I hope you’re able to take a time-out this weekend and get some rest!

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