The Scientist is Back

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your three-day weekend if you were lucky to have one. I spent most of my extra day off catching up on a lot of reading I had been putting off, but at least I got to read while sitting on a shaded patio at a coffeeshop with my little furry friend.

Hi everybody!

She’s actually passed out right now… as usual.

These make my heart sing just by looking at them.

I saw a recipe for raw energy truffles on Emmie’s blog and I literally got up and made these after reading her post. I used a combination which consisted mostly of cashews, then pecans and pistachios. I also decided to roll only some of them in cocoa powder. I really want to try this recipe using different variations of powders and nuts. Next up on my list is white chocolate + strawberries + cashews. Now that I’m thinking about it… these also remind me of the beautiful babies Katie and many others have been making!

Even though there wasn't a hazelnut in sight, I swear these reminded me of my beloved Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

That’s saying a lot considering Ferrero Rocher chocolates are one of my favorite little confections ever! *This includes the Ferrero Garden variation–I never forget about “coconut” anything. Actually, I just entered their monthly sweepstake for a free case of their chocolates.

I had almost completely forgotten the wonderful invention of wraps!

I stuffed this wrap with some “What Do I Remind You Of” Hummus, fig preserves, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, walnut dressing, and basil. While making this wrap I asked my roommate if she thought fig preserves would taste good with this. Ladies and gentlemen, at that moment I knew that the scientist was really back! For awhile, I had been putting things together that would obviously taste good together. The point is… I wasn’t sure with this one. Well, I’m glad I just went ahead and tried it! It offered a delicious sweetness that I’d imagine you can find at a meal consisting of tapas–sweetness paired with an ultra-flavorful cured meat. Of course, this is a vegetarian version, and maybe not quite as sophisticated looking. Afterall, the purpose of my making a wrap in the first place was to have something I could eat in class without looking like a slob, or sounding like a goat. How do you all like to get creative?

Somehow the hummus always ends up squeezing its way out of my sandwiches.

Well, what went in this sandwich? “What Do I Remind You Of” Hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, chunky walnut dressing, sweet peppers, and pecorino romano cheese. Now let me talk about the bread. When I saw the loaves of Alvarado Street Bakery Bread at the store, I was curious about why I’ve seen it on blogs… what made it so special? This made a really tasty sandwich bread, and I usually love sprouted breads because of the dense texture, which made this a winner in that category. But it wasn’t so dense that I felt like I had to bust out a toothpick after every bite. The loaf I got, sprouted California style bread, also has a bit of sweetness too. May I recommend spreading tahini + honey on some toasted slices of this bread?

Figs are also something else that just leave me in awe.

The Romans held figs in high regard and planted them in all the lands they conquered, including what are now France and England.” I can see why!

Can turn any bowl of grains into a sophisticated affair served with coconut milk, almond frangipane kream, honey, and cinnamon.

This time I had this sensuous fruit with oats, an apple, plumped golden raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon.

I can’t wait to share my next post with you! Over the Labor Day Weekend I made something that made me truly proud of myself! Here’s a hint: it’s actually something quite simple, but not something people in the western world usually make at home.

21 thoughts on “The Scientist is Back

  1. I really love how adventurous and creative you are with your meals. I think this is one of the most appealing food blogs I have found! Never boring repeats, and always beautiful creations. I know I have told you before, but you seriously seriously seriously need to open up a restaurant! You have a gift!

  2. I like to mix spiced apple chutney with hummus, its really good and sooo flavourful. But the consistency has to be right, like 2/3 hummus 1/3 chutney. Im a big coconut fererro roche fan too, my gran gets me a box every xmas-bless her ;D

  3. holy crap. That figgy dish looks FANTASTIC. I’m such a sucker for fresh figs.
    And ferrero rocher like balls (twss)?! Get in my mouth, now. Ferroro Rocher is one of my favorite candy confections too!

  4. Haha, I do the same thing with my food. I love when I venture into odd combinations and I’m not really sure how it will come together until I taste it. My philosophy always remains, if the ingredients taste good enough on their own, the flavors will ignite when combined! 🙂
    OOOO I can’t wait to hear your new recipe. I can’t think of what it could be, but I can’t wait.

    Love you miss Katharina!! 😉

  5. I think you are the MOST creative little kitchen diva around. I am always marveling at your creations. Seriously.
    And the babies were so excited for a shout out… but they’re a bit jealous of their very-beautiful cousins. Poor babies; how can they compete with something of Ferrero Rocher-quality? 😉

  6. all your eats are so beautiful, you should just drop out of school and open a cafe. seriously! your menu would be bombin’ and you could be all fancy and change it with the seasons according to what fresh produce and meats are available… or maybe that’s just my dream. ;]

  7. i love figs! they are so good for the body and very very alkaline. i’ve been eating them for that property alone (jk, they are heaven in my mouth!). have you tried to make the truffles with figs? that’s my next creation since i usually use medjool dates for homemade larabars/balls

  8. I’ve only just begun to read your blog (and I’m so very happy I found it!) and I must say that the creativity and the thought that you put into your meals is so very inspiring! It is evident that you have skill at combining unique ingredients…and you are bold enough to try new things, again and again! I’m about to get a shipment of fresh figs, and I loved seeing all of those figs in your bowl. They look so beautiful…as does all of your food. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, and I look forward to seeing more of your good eats!

  9. OK—they remind you of Ferrero Rocher chocolates!! Now I need to go make them ASAP!!!! YUM! I hope schools going well for you, pretty girl!

    I still need to try figs!! Keep seeing them at Whole Foods, just don’t know what to do with them!

  10. hello beautiful girl! i have NO idea what it could be that you made. ( i think i phrased that wrong?( hmmm
    with all the yummy stuff you make, it must be some good and truly unique
    i love you!

  11. Oh, what’s that? My wraps just told me to tell your wraps to shove a paper bag over themselves because their too attractive! .. lol.. ohhh Wrap-Envy 😉

    Ferrero Rocher is fabulous at making chocolate with a good crunch factor.. and seeing these makes me believe that yours would have similar qualities! Mustve been a blast making some yummy ‘balls’ lol.. oh what am i saying sheesh 😛

    ps. i love how you were asked if you had whole loose leaf tea and that they assumed you would. Isn’t it hilarious how people say blanket statements about you and we’re left to wonder what its supposed to mean…like hmm just for fun lets analyze this…ok so loose leaf tea people are different because..theyre more natural/the process take longer to i guess you give off the look of someone who is diligent and creative as well as grounded and compassionate .. yup you’re right, definitely a compliment 😉

    xoxo <3

  12. I love your unique combinations! You always have me craving everything on your plate. I definitely now need walnut dressing and/or fig preserves! Also, you know I’m in love/lust with your dog :):)

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