I Can Almost See Clearly

So ladies and gentlemen, this chicka completed a philosophy exam today that took over 7 hours. Whoa mama! I just have to finish up an essay and then I’m done. Finito.

But let’s begin!

Oh how I love thee homemade granola!

I loosely followed this recipe by using things I had on hand, and instead I did half maple syrup and half apple-maple syrup. I also added in some coconut extract, raisins, sultanas aka golden raisins, white chocolate chips, and shredded coconut. Note for next time: bake at a lower temperature. Also, I loved the mix pre-baking as well! Seriously though, one of my favorite combinations during the warmer months is granola + Greek yogurt. And there’s something extra satisfying about having granola you made yourself. Doesn’t that go with everything?

I can't wait to make my next batch! Any suggestions?

Starting off the day by choosing a cute outfit!

I had my last Amy's Texas burger alongside some sweet potato wedges.

For the sweet potato wedges I just cut up two potatoes, tossed them in canola oil, then doused them with Old Bay Seasoning. Then I baked them in the oven till they were done.

I also got to try out something new!

The people over at Bone Suckin’ Sauce contacted me after seeing my love for their BBQ sauce. I had never tried their mustard so they sent me a package with a jar of their sweet hot variation and their classic mustard. I had no idea that they had all these other products like salsas, teriyaki sauces, seasonings, and rubs.

Check out the bits of jalapeno peppers!

The sweet hot was definitely hot with a hint of sweetness. The classic flavor was similar but not as hot. At first I was thrown off by the color, but not to fear because all of their sauces are all natural. And if you like thick sauces then this is great! Since I don’t eat things with bones in them I’ll just say that these mustards were “finger lickin’ good” just like the BBQ sauce.

Let’s rewind to last Friday. Since it was the first Friday of the month that meant that Richmond’s monthly art walk was taking place. I love it because not only do you get to check out galleries, but I’m always bumping into friends, vendors, and good food.

This isn't just any old bus.

They bring the farm to you!

I talked to Mark, the guy who helped start Farm to Family about a few things. One of the things he mentioned was their plan: they want to make a documentary of a year they’re going to live off what the things they sell on the bus. Not only do they sell produce, but cheese, eggs, milk, and meats as well. They want to emphasize that a person can live healthily off of local, sustainable, and seasonable foods. They’ll be doing monthly doctor check-ups to make sure they’re in tip-top condition. He also said that this is open to anyone else who is up for the challenge. Not only would it be an experience, but you also get to write a chapter in the book with your personal account. They plan on starting next month and I wish them the best of luck!

Saw lots of art of course!

And showed some support to some friends that were playing in a courtyard on a perfect night.

With some of my ladies and Matilda before she left.

Afterwards we went to Ipanema for the second time that week!

No complaints because the food, the service, the atmosphere, and the company was amazing!

The thing I love about eating out with people I'm close to is that I know that nobody minds sharing.

I just ordered the mulligatawny soup since I already had dinner and some snacks not too long beforehand.

Eventually we had to move inside because there was a drunk guy with a knife standing right behind me and he wanted to start a fight with some random guy. Luckily, the man was arrested. I guess he forgot the school’s police station was right across the street. After this meal we dubbed this the new place to go eat and then Cous Cous as the bar we frequent, since we headed over there afterwards.

Now remember how I left off my last post with a see you later to Matilda? Well here are a few things in my life that have made it more bearable. I know I may sound like a crazy dog lady, but I just love her! Everytime I walk into my bedroom I’m expecting to see her lounging around on my armchair.

Vintage hair accessories

It's all in the details.

Waking up to broken pipes that erupt through the asphalt and cause flooding!

Friends helping friends with their fashion lines!

One of my old professors/friends has been needing some extra helping hands to make things for her fashion line, Thief & Bandit. Also, she recently had the most adorable son! She was so nice to offer tea, coconut macaroons, and I just loved the smell of toastingย raisin bread wafting through the air as we worked. She’s actually going to be featured on Etsy’s front page so definitely keep an eye out for her!

And banana "soft-serve" with Cacao Bliss.

So ending on that delicious note, I hope you’re all enjoying your week so far. The end of my semester is so near I can taste it. And it tastes divine!!!

21 thoughts on “I Can Almost See Clearly

  1. Mmm, your homemade granola looks wonderful! I love making my own, it’s so easy and always tastes great, but I do admit, having the “real” stuff from the store is such a nice treat now and then.

    Crazy about the guy with the knife! People are so weirdโ€ฆ..especially drunk weird people! Ugh, glad you averted that messy situation.

    I just saw those Bone Suckin mustards and thought of you. I also just found a store near mean that has a surplus of the sauce which is fantastic because I thought it was nowhere to be found in PA. Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you are well my love.

  2. YUM, that homemade granola looks so amazing. I want…

    That bus is awesome! Love the artsy posts…and your vintage hair accessories.

    It has been way too long since I have had banana soft serve!

  3. Wow, Katharina…when I study, I’m a slob. I’m stained with ketchp and lounging around in PJs and sweatshirts with loose ponytails. You? You even study in STYLE. You’re one of a kind! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey love!! Ohh my gosh, the knife story is fa-reakyy. I’m glad there were police around!

    Your granola looks absolutely delicious. You’re such a little creative cook ๐Ÿ™‚ And to me, that salad + sweet p fries + amy’s burger dinner sounds like absolute perfection. Can’t wait to start whipping up meals like that for myself all summer long!!

    Good luck finishing up the semester! Let’s catch up soon, okay?! xoxox

  5. Congrats for finishing that exam, so long! And all the eats look delicious girl, mmm…making me hungry here;)
    Good luck with the rest of your semester sweet lady!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  6. I love love love that bus idea! So cool.
    I’ve also had a granola recipe in mind for a while and this might have kicked my arse in gear to actually just make a batch!

  7. A 7 hour exam?!?! Frick, you are amazing. My brain aches just thinking about that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Those bus people are so cool and I can’t wait for them to do the experiment and write the book!

  8. Congrats on the exam, girl!
    Lovely eats and pics, as always ๐Ÿ™‚
    That Bone Suckin Mustard looked truly amazing…
    Iยดm pretty sure it tastes awesome, haha.
    Wish you a wonderful night, love!
    Brazilian XOXOยดs,

  9. 7

    oh honey, god bless you! That sounds like pure torture.

    I envy your culinary ambition – I’ve always wanted to make my own granola, but the pre-packaged varieties are just so much more convenient. Oye, I’m so lazy.

    Love to you, beautiful!

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