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Happy middle of the week everybody! Isn’t it funny how time just seems to fly by once Wednesday rolls around? You know what else has been rolling around besides the days? I noticed on some blogs that there has been this incredible message being spread. Recently, I’ve come across some incredible posts that just really resonated with me. Rebekah gave us a piece of her mind last week, Jessica is stepping a foot forward towards some wonderful changes, and Jenny has been posting a great series of LIFT posts. I find most blogs to be really inspiring and I love how they are glimpses of how wonderful some people in this world can be! I’m definitely a person who sees the goodness in everyone. What can I say? Anyway, a lot of posts that have been floating around recently have provoked my thoughts–in a good way. Recently, I’ve been thinking about acceptance, willpower, and rooting for yourself. I’ve had my fair share of of Chicken Soup for Whatever Soul moments in my life, but I’m still standing… with both feet on the ground. There were times when I did fall. In fact there were times I hit rock bottom. But who hasn’t? During those times it was hard to see or even fathom the idea that things would get better. I was blind to the fact that things could get better, but it was up to me. Of course, the love from friends and family helps, but at the end of the day… it’s only you that sees the world through your set of eyes. For the most part, we know what things are best for us. So why is it that sometimes we don’t do those things? Sometimes we do the complete opposite! Looking back on the times I hit the pavement hard, I am astounded by the wasted energy I put into not doing what I knew would help me. It was almost as if I wanted to stay in the black hole because at the time it just seemed like “too much” to deal with. Well guess what? One miserable day I was sitting down and I looked at the people around me. I thought to myself, “I want that. I want to be free like they are and not worry about these things anymore. I deserve to be happy!” I was right! We all deserve that. Eventually, I started taking steps towards getting my spirit back. I knew I was not the empty shell I decided to make my home a couple years back. At first, everything felt so scary and foreign to me, but overtime I saw that the more I did these things that were actually good for me, the easier they became. And eventually, it felt natural. I didn’t even think twice about it! I was starting to see that I should have more compassion towards myself, which led to self-acceptance. By working through the storm, I am now able to appreciate so many aspects of life, this world, and beyond. Maybe the child inside of me will never die. I really don’t mind seeing the world through the same set of wide eyes for the rest of my life. I believe people can still keep that innocence and simultaneously learn from their “mistakes”. Just live and let go. Anyway, you see, after you’ve picked yourself up, brushed off your knees… that’s when you realize that scrapes and bruises are only temporary, and that aching hearts do heal. But it’s up to you! And you’re wonderful.

And so are these granola bars!

Breakfast on the go!

I finally used the forgotten tempeh that was sitting in my freezer for months!

I made some maple-ginger grilled tempeh with coconut oil and tarragon.

Perfect for sandwiches as well!

Inside an olive roll + mayo + creme of dates and almonds + onions + romaine

Pumpkin seed butter + maple syrup sandwich

Remember how I said that I wasn’t too keen on the taste of pumpkin seed butter? Well that was the case until I tried the Futter’s pumpkin seed butter that Liz sent me. Whoa! Second chances can be a good thing. I also love the color–it makes me feel like a kid again. Remember when they came out with green ketchup? Green eggs and ham? But of course there are foods that are normally green… like beautiful artichokes!

Filming a video for my final piece.

Guess what this is!

When the lovely Katie posted a recipe for a breakfast pizzert (pizza + dessert), I bookmarked it right away! Since I didn’t have pastry flour I opted for a mix of corn meal and whole wheat flour. I wanted to make something reminiscent of a shortcake, so strawberries were obvious. I plan on making another one soon and I know the perfect fruit to use for the corn meal and whole wheat flour combo. You’ll just have to wait and see!

What a lovely breakfast, don't you think?

Topped it with a sliced banana, more strawberries, coconut oil, and chocolate hazelnut butter + a side of Greek yogurt

I've also recently whipped up my own batch of refried beans!

I spiced mine up with some freshly ground up dried chipotle peppers. Also since I didn’t have any avocados on hand I opted for something I did have: avocado oil! I “borrowed” this from my parents’ kitchen, and have just decided that I’m never giving it back! Sorry guys, but atleast you’re always loaded with actual avocados (avocados are so cheap in Florida).

We now interrupt this post with some fashion!

My friend taught me that in the fashion department they call this "naked clothes". I love it!

My what long handle you have!

Perfect for OIBAJ (oats in a BIG ASS jar)

The other day when I was putting some burnt coconut butter on my sweet potato I realized that it was that time again! This time I did things differently. I made my bowl of oatmeal the night before so they would cool down–as I’ve shared before I tend to start sweating like a mad man when the weather gets hot and I have warm oatmeal–and I mixed in the protein powder after I cooked the oatmeal. Anyway, in the morning I mixed in the oats with the coconut butter little by little. I also  sliced a banana and mango in there, and then topped it all with some shredded coconut. This was the perhaps the creamiest oatmeal breakfast I’ve ever had! No lie! On that note, I’ll leave you all with my last piece of this semester for my advanced sculpture class.

I loved that I made something that was larger than me!

Much larger! I made a “raft” and sewed a patchwork sheet to project my short film up on to it.

Detail shot of the mica flakes + paint on the raft

I think knots in wood are beautiful.

Here’s a question for you: when you find it hard to believe in yourself, what do you do?

26 thoughts on “From Yours Truly

  1. What do I do? I talk to my parents and to YOU 🙂

    This post is amazing. Period.

    And hell yes for liking the pumpkin seed butter – I knew Futter’s should change your mind!


  2. Amazing words lady….I loved the positivity and I definitely feel it all over the blog world this past week or so. I think that when I feel down on myself, I tend to close up unfortunately…my pisces nature! I am too selfless sometimes and need others to snap me out of it (like my boyfriend, parents, siblings).

    I still haven’t tried an 18 rabbits, they sound great…but the maple-ginger grilled tempeh with coconut oil and tarragon sounds better. I even wrote it down on my must try list. You don’t have a recipe do you? I am thinking you just came up with it on a whim, right?

    Your raft with the emphasis on the knots of the wood is beautiful. You are so inspiring and creative!

  3. When I’m having a hard time believing in myself, I remember that I often hold myself up to unrealistic standards, and try to let myself off the hook. Then I tell someone I love how I’m feeling, and normally they reignite my belief in myself just by believing in me! Getting it off my chest is normally the last (and best) thing I do!

  4. This is a great post Katharina. I love that you had that “aha” moment. Sometimes I get that too and I make big changes for a while but then eventually the bad feelings come rushing back in. This time, I am serious about trying to bring happiness back into my life. I want to be one of THOSE people too girl. To just life free and “let go.”

    Those are some seriously good eats! I use a long teaspoon for oats in a jar too, otherwise my hands are covered in oats/nut butter by the time I’m done. Haha.

    I love your “naked clothes” shirt. I love nude clothes that are flowy like that. Hotttttness girl!

  5. oh my gosh… i made it into someone else’s post!
    girl, i am honored.

    and what do i do? i have to step back and say… what is this REALLY in the grand scheme of life? what is one test, one project, one decision? i am strong, and i will look back on my life and see the WHOLE picture, not the tiny turns i took to get there. i will be proud where i am, not question where i’ve been.

    hang in there, lady! can’t wait to meet you in person next week 🙂

  6. hello my love,
    wow, this was such a beautiful, amazing post…so inspiring, you are so wonderful in every way thinkable! 🙂 i loved when you wrote this — “I believe people can still keep that innocence and simultaneously learn from their “mistakes”. Just live and let go. ” that really resonated with me, i am sitting here and really, really thinking about those words and i realizing how i must live and let go, learn from my mistakes and as i wrote about in my post yesterday, not look back and regret “mistakes”…live in the moment and strive for what I, ELIZA deserves and wants in life. Also when you said about the amount of wasted energy you put into not doing what you knew would help you, gosh….ahhh so so me right now, i cant keep putting so much energy into avoiding my life and recovery etc, you know?… :/ you are amazing, okay i told you that already but i don’t think i could say i love you and you are amazing enough! 😉 + I am so incredibly excited to meet YOU in a few weeks gahh i am smiling so much thinking about that!! 😀
    *when i find it hard to believe in myself i think of my things i have accomplished in my life, and things that i am proud of myself for doing in the past, and then i think of all the amazing opportunities that await me if i keep believing…and keep going… + talking to maya, a friend or my mom helps.
    ~oh AND ;] your eats look amazingly goood as always! i must make Katie’s pizzert soon and i am such a fan of 18 rabbits as well, seriously the best granola bars ever! + your coconuty oats yum X 1000001 😉

    love you! and i just wrote a novel ;P

  7. when i’m lacking in the self confidence (which happens more often than i’d like, due to the harsh rejection which is the nature of my job) i am as nice as possible to myself. i let myself be a slob if i want, get a massage, skip out on exercise, etc. – this may sound like i get depressed, but really it is just letting myself go to the dark place without guilt, and there is a difference! usually just a day of this is enough and i’m back on the horse the next day.

  8. I love this post. Probably my favorite you have ever done. I see so much of you and your heart in this and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing this insight. I couldn’t agree with you more. Life is pointless unless we make mistakes and become stronger because of them. Think of how dull this world would be if we lived in complete perfection.

    You are wise my dear friend! Very wise. 😉

  9. Thanks for the lovely post, it was just the extra bit of encouragement and inspiration that I’ve been needing lately. I haven’t been believing in myself much lately, when I do it doesn’t last very long, but I keep on trying to get myself to a place where I’ll be the person I want to be. When I come across posts like this it’s a huge help. 🙂

  10. Really loved this post- YOU are always inspiring girly! I think it´s essential to cherish your inner child for the sake of staying sane in our superficial world. Always seeing the beauty in things- such as your lovely looking meals 🙂 and your great sculpture!! Oh my, it´s huge 🙂

    Have a lovely day!!! xoxo Mel

  11. Your art piece is absolutely gorgeous, as are you. You are a true artist, my dear! And not only with sculpture. Your food looks quite nice as well. Homemade refried beans sounds amazing!

    When I find it hard to believe in myself, I take a chance to remember all the beautiful things in life, and how we are all apart of it (even me!) I remind myself that I am able to do anything I put my mind to (well, almost anything) and thus if I start believing, I will see it.

    Have a lovely day!

  12. Love the new “naked” trend. haha What will they come up with next?

    I’m lucky to have a Mom and an older friend, sort of a mentor to talk to when I’m down!

  13. KAtharina, this was a BEAUTIFUL piece. It reads like a poetry, and it touched me so deeply. I really needed this right now. Your positivity, and your unique innocence is so inspiring and infectious.

    I’m struggling with myself right now, a few mistakes I did in the past…but I know I’m not perfect, and looking back to the person I was, and the person I am now…it gives me hope, because I know I’m still growing.

  14. I just read this post 3 times, and I’m ready to go back for a third. “Letting go” is one of the greatest obstacles I’ve faced in life. I’ve had days, weekends, sometimes weeks, when I’m able to release my inhibitions – but I have yet to adopt this mindset as a lifestyle, though I strive for it every day. You give me so much hope that I can achieve this for myself. Thank you, Katharina, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you to pieces!!!!

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