I have quite a few things to catch you all up on!

First off,

Matilda, my mother, and I sleeping together in my twin-size bed

Our breakfast for her last day in town.

What was served? I made oatmeal with cinnamon and a bruleed banana + shredded coconut for my mom. She also wanted some of the bread we had gotten from the brasserie with sunflower seed butter. I opted for an end piece with marmalade and butter. I also tried a Heart Thrive. This time it was the raisin flavor and it was so good! It was delicious alone and crumbled over vanilla Greek yogurt + persimmon + cashew butter. We both had cups of warm pumpkin spice soymilk with pumpkin spice! We just dilly-dallied around the apartment and took Matilda on a walk.

Mom's breakfast

And mine

Then lunch time rolled around…

Gluten-free pizza crust with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, portobello, and goat cheese.

After we got ready, we were off to the studio!

Wishing I didn't have to spend my last day with my mom at the studio.

But before I dropped her off at the airport we were able to meet up with one my bests for some coffee.

Beautiful smiles all around!

All three of us

Being silly

I was sad when I dropped my mom off at the airport but luckily I’ll be flying down to Florida tomorrow till Sunday!

Lazy Sundays

I had a Rudi’s Organic English Muffin – these are so good! One half with cashew butter and the other half with Creme of Almonds and Dates spread. I also had vanilla Greek yogurt with marmalade and some slices of bananas. I also saved some banana slices for my English Muffin. My sweet tooth was calling my name that morning and I had a Marzipan candy and I tried a Newman’s Own Organic dark chocolate peppermint cup. This one was so good! I did some things around the apartment and spent most of my day painting.

More pizza!

Yummy dinner

I had some of the baguette from the brasserie with basil pesto, and a mock tuna made with soybeans. I also had a sliced up a carrot and look at that beautiful persimmon! I’m glad I decided to cut it that way.

I tried someone's favorite nighttime snack.

Well not just someone, but I tried Jessica’s favorite! Warmed up applesauce with cinnamon, melted chocolate chips, a crumbled graham cracker, and since I didn’t have almond butter I just used cashew. Girl, now I know why this snack is at the top of your list.

Spreading the love on Monday.

What a great way to start a Monday – with heart-shaped goodies! I tried the date Heart Thrive that morning. The date flavor wasn’t as intense as some of the other flavors I’ve tried. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed off. I had it over vanilla Greek yogurt, a sliced banana, and cashew butter. Mixed in with everything else it was good, but alone I didn’t really like it.

Baguette action

This sandwich was composed of: a beer-brat Tofurky sausage, homemade tomato sauce, red onions, and relish. Yum! I love using a baguette as the bread for a sandwich.

I obviously couldn't get enough!

So later on I snacked on some more with a baked apple + cinnamon, goat cheese, and honey!

I also got an incredibly sweet package in the mail!

From one of the sweetest girls around, Mitri! Her package warmed my heart and kept a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Little delicious treats and wonders tucked inside.

Thank you so much! Don’t you love acts of kindness? Especially through snailmail! SinceΒ Tuesday was around the corner, I spent most of my day kicking major booty in the studio. Tuesday = my final critique of the semester!

Breakfast on-the-go

This is why bars are perfect sometimes! I tried the last 18 rabbits granola bar – Haute Diggity Date. This was incredibly delicious and is right up there with the first one I tried. The one that made me think, “this is what a granola bar is suppose to taste like.” Thank you for sending me these bars to review! I am so glad that I did because I will definitely find myself getting these in the future.

So now I will share with you what my piece for this semester’s final critique looked like. Now keep in mind that being there in person is an entirely different experience – as is with most art. I also had a Nag Champa incense burning which definitely added to the piece itself. I had originally wanted to set it up in various open fields and document my interaction in the space. Then I realized how little time I had, and I was debating doing a performance piece with it instead. However, nothing specific came to mind and I never force myself into anything when it comes to my art. So I just let it be, but I will set it up outside and film that in my leisure time.

Balancing on itself

Mitri’s beautiful box of goodies found its way into my piece! Can you spy it?

Watercolors on fabric + burlap

Interesting angle the stripped branches made.

The whole experience was meditative for me, and the environment I built is meditative as well. What a great place to relax…

Where do you all like to go to relax?

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24 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. Looks like you and your mom had a great time together. Good eats, too πŸ™‚ Monday’s breakfast is possibly one of most precious meals my eyes have ever feasted upon. I love it!

    You will knock em’ dead with your piece… so many beautiful details and unique Katharina flair. I would love to relax there!

  2. wow love that piece girl!

    i ADORE your posts..they are so peaceful and joyful.

    will you please come hang out with me? you seem like the coolest person EVA. i LOVE that you and your mom are so are me and mine, im so blessed to have her as a best friend

    this post got me dyin for some heart thrives!!

  3. All these things look so delicious! And I love the pics with your mom:)

    Did I understand it OK; are you going to FL? Have fun then girl!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  4. It’s so adorable that your mom hangs out with your friends like just one of the girls! I love my mom, but I’m not sure that we could hang out like that. As much as I love her!

    I never thought to slice persimmons like that. It is beautiful!

    What a lovely package. I love snail mail! We should totally exchange care packages sometime!

    Congrats on your installation, I love the sun rug. My favorite place to relax is in my room at home, it’s filled with everything I love and I try and put a lot of thought into the overall look. I always keep it tidy too for maximum relaxation.

    This is getting to be a long comment, but I’ve been meaning to ask…how do you do those photo slideshows on tumblr? Like your post with the front and back of the dress you thought about purchasing?

  5. What a great art piece, it looks so tranquil and beautiful, sort of Amerindian-style with the rug right? All the food looks fab as usual, I must make a pizza with portobellos, you totally reminded me of them, and French baguette (so chewy and yum!)
    Glad you had such a lovely time with your mummy,

  6. katharina that table of yours is so freaking cool. i love the Polaroids that are on the back of the glass. very very unique and stylish!
    gosh your mum and you went through a complete gourmet feast there. it all is so healthy and looks so yummy. i really want to eat some of it but i can’t πŸ™ aww i hate this!
    glad to hear you and your mum will be reunited soon in florida sweetie!
    love your art piece. as always your creativity never fails anywhere πŸ˜‰
    love you

  7. aww, so much mom-time! fun! I love my mom and spending time with her. LoVeLy EaTs! as usual… I really need to try 18 rabbits. I’ll have to order some πŸ™‚

  8. So happy you had a wonderful time with your mom.

    And I must say, you’re eats have just given me a WORLD of opportunities and ideas for the next week or so when I will be forced on soft liquid foods. Like that applesauce! I’m alreday excited to try it. πŸ˜‰

    Take care darling.

  9. I still haven’t tried a persimmon! I think the fact that they look like a tomato is throwing me off haha!

    Your meals always look so pretty and put together! I love it!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  10. Sorry you and your mom had to part ways but YAY to going to Florida! All of your meals look incredible – love all the baguettes!

    Your final piece looks great!! I hope it got glowing reviews πŸ™‚

  11. you are a foodie goddess, I swear – I don’t think there’s offer been a time when your posts haven’t made me insanely hungry.. and I just finished breakfast!

  12. What you do with your art always leaves me in awe!
    It’s like your pieces, food, clothing, surroundings always reflect a little bit about you. Thats what I love about you!


  13. those branches + watercolor are GORGEOUS my dear! and i am SO GLAD you got to enjoy the time with your mom – i love that you are so close.

    gorgeous eats as always…the level of sophistication and glamour you bring to food is so amazing. i hope you are well – let’s catch up soon dear!

    have a wonderful day xxxx

  14. Oh dear, everyone has those Heart Thrives. I feel like such a square! I want one, hehe.

    The pictures of your mother, friend, and yourself is beautiful. So much happiness and love going around! The people around us are worth so so much.

    I LOVE YOUR PIECE, by the way. I love the relaxing, ethnic vibe it has.

    Enjoy your Monday!!

  15. Katharina! You have got to tell your mom to smile more, she is just adorable!!

    You girls & Matilda are so cute…i love all your matchy meals! All the yogurt-topped heart thrive breakfasts sound amazing too! Especially with the cashew butter. Would you recommend it?? I’ve been dying to try some!

    And soooo glad you enjoyed my faveee apple sauce mess! Isn’t it just fab?? I’ll have to try it soon with chocolate chips (instead of carob), that must be delish! Its perfect now, especially since its getting cooler!

    Hmm, and home is definitely my place to relax! Or the downstairs tv room of my sorority house….we’ve watched one too many christmas movies this weekend, which has definitely allowed me to relax a bit before finals!


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