Pumpkin Butterscotch Oatmeal



This morning I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast… oatmeal! But not just any oatmeal. I had this See’s Candy butterscotch lollipop. The ingredients started out the way I usually make a batch of oatmeal, but this time I decided to mash the banana a bit. I also included some vanilla extract, stevia, and flaxseed (optional of course). So this morning I stirred my oats with the butterscotch lollipop instead of a spoon. I also mixed in the last of my jar of McCutcheon’s pumpkin butter. Oh by the way… McCutcheon’s is the best pumpkin butter I’ve had! Even the consistency is different from most pumpkin butters. For garnish I sprinkled some pumpkin seed granola. I wish this bowl could last forever. Unfortunately, I don’t have another lollipop and that was the last of my pumpkin butter. Darned it!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Butterscotch Oatmeal

  1. The butterscotch oatmeal and smore’s oatmeal look amazing. Do you know any really good oatmeal cookie recipe’s? When I was younger my math tutor made the most amazing oatmeal cookies and since then I have found none that compare. I wish I knew her number so I could ask. Anyways great site and thanks for the comments on my blog.
    P.S. just saw the avocado mac and cheese and it looks delicious. I have a few recipes of my own and actually plan on writing a recipe book.

    – Arya

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and entering in my giveaway.

    You are so right! McCutcheons is by far the very best PB ever! 🙂 Such love. Their cherry jam is also to die for.

    Wow, your oats look amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Thanks again for stopping by and I can’t wait to read some more of your blog.

    Have a great day!!

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